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Where In The World Are Our Clients Coming From?

Spain is still amongst the most popular places for clients to purchase their home in the sun with visitors growing by more than 30% year on year, according to Kyero reports UK buyers make up more than 23% of Spanish property sales.

Whilst it remains to be seen how the recent Coronavirus effects property sales, we expect the property market in Spain to remain strong with many buyers wanting to get on with their lives and enjoy the fruits of living in a sunny climate.

What International Clients Are Buying!

According to Kyero visitor data, Recent reports show that internationals buying Spanish property are following these trends.  Apartments make up some 40% of the marketplace followed by villas at 31%, this will no doubt vary from place to place but is a good overall understanding of what you our clients are buying.

Lower priced properties still attract 65% of the enquiries received possibly a sign of the older generation using their savings to buy in the sun.

What Does This Mean For Buyers?

Whilst buyers would like to believe that the recent world problems will result in price reductions, most developers will hold their prices as they are. However, there will undoubtedly some deals offered on resales as some second homeowners will decide to sell at less prices than previously offered.  Avocado Homes will continue to offer our clients the very best service, we will always look at properties that suit them not us as we still believe this is the best way to offer the right service.

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