New Golden Mile

Discover the Enchanting New Golden Mile: Where Natural Beauty Meets Luxury Living

Nestled between the captivating town of Estepona and the charming San Pedro del Alcantara in Marbella, lies the New Golden Mile—an exquisite area celebrated for its golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, offering a delightful coastal lifestyle to property owners.

Among the prestigious residential complexes that grace this coastal stretch are Menara Beach, Costalita, Torre Bermeja, Mar Azul, and Bahía de la Plata Boutique Apartments. These coveted developments are esteemed for their direct and convenient beach access, allowing residents to relish the tranquility and beauty of the shoreline

One of the most alluring features of the New Golden Mile is its harmonious blend of natural charm and thoughtfully planned development. Despite witnessing substantial growth in construction and infrastructure in recent years, the area has astutely preserved its natural allure, with a minimal presence of high-rise buildings in contrast to other regions in Marbella. This harmonious balance has earned the New Golden Mile a reputation as a leisure-time paradise, boasting an impressive number of golf courses that showcase unparalleled views of the sparkling sea

Adding to its allure, the New Golden Mile enjoys a strategic location, offering effortless accessibility from both Gibraltar International Airport to the east and Malaga International Airport to the west—both a mere 45 minutes away. With the majestic Sierra Bermeja National Park gracing the backdrop, the New Golden Mile is a delightful fusion of coastal splendor and scenic vistas

Embracing a cosmopolitan character, the New Golden Mile beckons a diverse international community, with over 20% of its inhabitants hailing from different corners of the world, drawn to savor the serenity of the Costa del Sol. Notably, the allure of New Golden Mile beachfront apartments has captivated property buyers from Northern Europe, enamored by the allure of this tranquil coastal haven.

The New Golden Mile presents an idyllic destination, where natural beauty intertwines with luxurious living, creating an enchanting atmosphere that captivates both residents and visitors alike. If you seek a haven of coastal splendor and a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication, the New Golden Mile awaits, ready to welcome you into its warm embrace.

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