Two of the best places to live in Spain on on the Costa del Sol

According to the esteemed American magazine ‘International Living,’ several municipalities in Malaga are ranked among the top five places “to live and retire abroad.” After years of hard work, retirees often seek to indulge in outdoor activities or even relocate to new places or countries to spend their golden years.

With over 40 years of experience in tourism, ‘International Living’ is a renowned magazine specializing in researching and publishing news about “living and retiring abroad.” In their recent article titled ‘Five places to live in Spain; two to avoid,’ they highlight Mijas Pueblo and Benalmádena as two of the best destinations for British, Dutch, Scandinavian, and North American retirees to find solace in Spain.

In their analysis, ‘International Living’ identifies Benalmádena as the prime location for a tranquil lifestyle. They acknowledge its family-friendly atmosphere with attractions like a butterfly park, two aquariums, a cable car, and one of the largest marinas in Andalusia. Additionally, retirees can enjoy the peace and serenity of “small secluded beaches dotted with sunbathers and fishermen,” along with delightful alfresco dining offering stunning multi-level views.

Meanwhile, Mijas Pueblo captivates expatriates from around the world, serving as a gateway to the renowned “golf valley” of the Costa del Sol. The magazine lauds the town’s beauty, pleasant climate, and abundance of green spaces, making it a paradise for golf enthusiasts.

Other recommended places for retirees to settle include Almuñecar, praised for its coastal charm and favorable weather, and Sitges (Barcelona), celebrated for its vibrant artistic and alternative lifestyle. Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid) also receives accolades for its scenic trails and seamless integration with the outdoor lifestyle.

Overall, these Malaga municipalities offer an idyllic setting for retirees seeking a fulfilling and enjoyable life in Spain/

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